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dr laura sweley-buettner


Laura Sweley-Buettner


Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner

Certified DOT Medical Examiner

Dr. Laura Sweley-Buettner was born and raised in Grand Island, NE. In 2001, she graduated from Grand Island Central Catholic and in 2005 got her undergraduate studies at Hastings College where she received a bachelors of arts in biology degree. In 2010, Dr. Laura graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic with her doctorate in chiropractic.

Dr. Laura has always loved healthcare. She has a unique outlook on chiropractic as compared to her colleagues in that she had never been adjusted prior to going to chiropractic school and was two months into the program before she received her first adjustment. Dr. Laura has a very traditional medical background and still works part-time at Mary Lanning Healthcare, where she has worked since 2004 as a phlebotomist. This position has given her a very unique perspective in that while she draws a lot on traditional medicine, she also has extensive knowledge on chiropractic and how the two can co-exist. She’s not afraid to refer patients out when something is beyond her area of expertise.

Dr. Laura is married and her husband’s name is Dale. He was also born and raised in Grand Island. They have one little girl whose name is Libby. In her spare time, Dr. Laura loves to spend time with her family. She also loves to run, play tennis, crochet, cook, and is learning more about neonatal diabetes. Some interesting tid bits about her are that in 2002, she did a medical missions trip to Australia to learn about their healthcare system and how it works. She is also currently the president of the Mary Lanning Healthcare Council.

certified kinesio taping practitioner, certified DOT medical examiner
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