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The methods that Dr. Laura uses are Palmer Package and Activator. She adjusts a patient using the technique that they respond to best and always does some muscle work with all of her adjustments.

The Palmer Package

This method uses a variety of techniques including Diversified, Thompson, Gonstead, and Toggle Recoil.


With the Diversified technique, an analysis of your spine is performed. Once displaced spinal bone or bones are identified, a specific manual thrust is administered.


The Thompson technique combines a system of chiropractic analysis and a way to minimize the amount of energy exerted to adjust the spine. This is completed using a special table with drop-away sections.


The Gonstead technique allows your spine to be adjusted without twisting or rotating your neck. This is done while you assume a comfortable kneeling position or while you lay on your side, depending on where the vertebrae are misaligned.

Toggle Recoil

The Toggle Recoil technique occurs while you are in a relaxed state, usually lying on your side. A high-speed, low-force thrust will be delivered to the upper bones of your spine. This will allow the body to use the energy as it sees fit to reset the spinal joints.

The Activator Method

This method uses a device as an alternative method to manual manipulation of the spine and extremity joints. It is a low-force technique and works great for kids and people with osteoporosis.

Myofascial Release

We offer Myofascial release which is a 20 minute massage in an area where you need it the most. Some insurance companies will cover myofascial release.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping often compliments an adjustment by keeping the adjustment relaxed or supported. This method can also provide an alternative solution for your aches.

Department of Transportation Medical Exams ($55)

Dr. Laura is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as a DOT Medical Examiner. Within a 20 minute exam, she makes it easy for commercial drivers to fulfill DOT regulatory requirements. Schedule an appointment so you can get back on the road again!

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